Medical Device Developer

Is this you?

You manufacture a medical device that needs to securely deliver clinical information to a providers’ EHR system.

You’ve identified that you need a companion mobile app for patients to monitor and orchestrate the exchange of their clinical information being captured by your device.

You recognize that a single-use point-to-point interface to exchange data is expensive and difficult to set up and expensive and challenging to support and maintain.

You're wondering how you can deliver the data your system captures and reports your system generates.

We can help!

MaxMD Direct Secure Messaging is an affordable, scalable transport layer that allows authenticated, encrypted health information so that you can exchange between known and trusted recipients, regardless of the originating application, system or platform. Direct Secure Messaging meets government incentives while also improving patient care and outcomes through better care coordination and information sharing.

The MaxMD app shares information bidirectionally with patients so that you can engage them in their care, improving health outcomes with features such medication reminders, structured surveys, and educational instructions.

MaxIntegration is a full-featured clinical message integration hub that converts incoming/outgoing information into the organization's preferred data format that is more valuable and useful.