Is this you?

You’d like to have access to the clinical information collected at the point of care to assess the quality and value of healthcare services, promote research, and inform best practice.

Your members are tired of the administrative burden of doing double-duty: first documenting the clinical care they provided then completing additional documentation to meet requirements for quality reporting.

You need more data from more sources and that means helping more organizations get connected digitally.

You want greater visibility into the care delivered to patients throughout the continuum of care to produce insight about potential downstream cost savings associated with new models of care.

You’re interested in following up with patients securely and efficiently, to complete patient reported outcome measures.

We can help!

Clinical Gateway helps you use clinical information collected at the point-of-care so that you can minimize burden on staff, enhance productivity, assess the quality and value of healthcare services, fulfill quality reporting requirements, promote research, and inform best practices. The system controls and manages exchange and reuse of clinical health information.

Clinical Information Exchange web app is a full-featured clinical message integration hub that converts outgoing and incoming information into the organization's preferred data format that is more valuable and useful. It supports subscription services, so you can empower care providers and community-based organization that provide support services to respond automatically to notification subscriptions and data requests for information needed by your registry. It provides a centralized dashboard to transparently view and efficiently control digital information exchange coming in and going out of any organization, no matter what level of technical capabilities they have.

The MaxMD app enables your organization to communicate bidirectionally with patients so you can request and gather information that enables your registry to verify data accuracy, and track and measure health outcomes and quality of care.