Leadership and Values

  • Scott A. Finlay

    Chief Executive Officer

    MaxMD runs on two basic operating principles:

    1. The best idea wins.
    MaxMD CEO Scott Finlay always says, “No one has a corner on the good idea market." At MaxMD, each team member, from the newest recruit to the most senior leader, is encouraged to give voice to their thoughts and contribute their best ideas, even if it seems to contradict the team’s current plans.

    2. Listen to your customers.
    “We learned early on to let our customer’s needs guide the solutions we develop," Finlay explains. “We believe being good listeners is a strategic advantage."

  • Yan Wang

    Chief Technology Officer

    “At the root of all our products and services is strict adherence to security-based practices and the technical standards and policy requirements of the Direct protocol. Success lies in leveraging the power of standards. Healthcare organizations and HIT systems thirsty for information to facilitate coordinate care, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes benefit from MaxMD’s innovative approach to standards-based interoperability and the data liquidity we create,” says Wang.

  • Lisa R. Nelson, MS, MBA

    VP Business Development and Principal Informaticist

    “Standards are good ideas the industry cooks up together," says Nelson. “Using standards makes MaxMD all the more innovative and ready to implement fresh ideas. We can develop more beneficial solutions faster because we’re listening to the needs of the whole community," says Nelson. Nelson is a major contributor in the standards development work at Health Level Seven (HL7), where the Fast Healthcare Interoperability (FHIR) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards are developed. “We’re working to accelerate the pace of change and enrich the value of information exchange for our customers," she says.

  • Keith Finlay

    Director Sales Operations and MaxMD App Product Manager

    “We don’t depend on anyone particular standard to be the only solution. Direct, HL7 V2, CDA, FHIR— all are deeply ensconced in healthcare –our technology leverages all the available and emerging standards," says Finlay. “MaxMD stands out in the market because unlike other HISPs that focus solely on secure messaging, we offer innovation that builds upon trusted data transport. Our solutions do more to improve workflows and make health information exchange more efficient and effective."

  • Matt Elrod

    Senior Clinical Informaticist

    Today, MaxMD stays at the forefront of developing standards, such as work being done through the HL7 Accelerator Program. We support initiatives such as the Da Vinci Project, where payers drive standards development that supports the shift to value-based care. We play a leadership role in the Gravity Project, where a multi-stakeholder community is looking at data coding needs for social determinants of health information. We drive the continuous improvement strategy for HL7 Consolidated CDA standard—the current mainstay interoperability standard in healthcare. MaxMD keeps our customers on the leading edge of standard-based innovation. "Leveraging emerging standards future-proofs our customer's investment and reduces the cost of ownership over time," says Elrod.