Patient and Caregiver Direct Addresses


  • Secure communication for patients and caregivers
  • Safely share medical information with care team members
  • Trusted digital identities to prevent unwanted spoofing or impersonation
  • Better care coordination with bidirectional information sharing via the DirectTrust network
  • Receive and return forms without any faxing
  • Request and send medical records with ease
  • Familiar Outlook interface just like other email communication
  • Enable use of MaxMD app for use via Apple and Android smart phones


  • One-click medical record viewer
  • MaxMD mobile app

A MaxMD patient and caregiver Direct address allows you to securely communicate with your care providers using Direct Secure Messaging via a simple, familiar technology that looks and acts like email, but ensures the level of security and privacy required to keep your protected health information safe.

Purchase a Direct address to gain the trusted digital identity you need to share information with care team members. Your Direct address allows you to send and receive health information over a trusted national network called DirectTrust. Using the DirectTrust network eliminates concerns about who senders and receivers really are as health information is exchanged. DirectTrust is used today by millions of healthcare professions to safely share protected health information.

You Direct address looks similar to an email address with a format like You can add the account to your MS Outlook email interface or use the MaxMD Clinical Information Exchange web app and the one-click viewer to send, receive, and organize you health records and communications.

On-line registration

Complete required identity proofing via a quick and convenient automated on-line process.

Secure Exchange for Protected health Information

Ensure that personal health information remains private and safe as it is exchanged digitally across the internet.

One-click Viewer

View digital medical records supplied in standard HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format.

Outlook Integration

Add your Direct account to Outlook for a familiar, convenient way to manage digitally communicating with care team members.

MaxMD App

Securely communicate with care team members via a mobile app that runs on Android or Apple smartphones and makes it easy to create and manage your contact list, get your medical records with self-server queries, and send information where it is needed without faxing.