Clinical Gateway


  • Leverage established and emerging interoperability standards
  • Bi-directional exchange
  • Maximize data liquidity
  • Augment existing workflows
  • Enhance investments in existing technology infrastructure
  • Close gaps in care for better patient outcomes and increase revenue


  • Standards-based access to clinical documents and data
  • Data validation
  • Data filtration and parsing
  • Task management
  • Bulk-data exports
  • Consumer-directed exchange

MaxMD’s Clinical Gateway is a modern data exchange enabler, deployed privately by organizations to automate the flow of health information. The system controls and manages exchange and reuse of clinical health information.

The Clinical Gateway supports the most widely used data exchange standards, protocols, and practices, allowing your organization to seamlessly share data with more systems which means you can expect:


Consolidate data in real-time from a variety of clinical resources to present a codified structure from disparate sources

Transformation Engine

Health information exchange engine with a one-to-many interface that codifies clinical data for optimal entry into the Registry/Repository enabling standardized queries, reporting and data extraction for payer specific needs

Data Validation Engine

Supports use of content rubric rules to interrogate and validate clinical data and produces actionable reports explaining how to resolve validation issues

Serves as a clinical data quality control mechanism

Transaction (TX) Log

Contains a history of all clinical data received, whether accepted or rejected during validation

Delivers actionable data validation reports back ot clinical data sources

Communication Request Task Engine

Workflow engine to consume and facilitate request for patient clinical data or documents

  • Automates requests in standardized formats
  • Tracks all open and closed communication request tasks

Benefits for Payers

This solution establishes an infrastructure that enables payers to implement timely, cost effective collection of clinical information and automated data remediation guarantees high quality, reusable information that supports multiple payer use cases.

  • Deploy automated, timely enterprise-wide collection and remediation for high-quality clinical information
  • Enable clinical information use and reuse for diverse payer needs
  • Increase cost-effective data sharing while minimizing provider abrasion
  • Reduce the cost of clinical data information acquisition
  • Reduce dependence on data brokers

Benefits for Registries

This solution enables registries to use clinical information collected at the point-of-care to assess the quality and value of healthcare services, improve practice, fulfill quality reporting requirements, promote research, and inform best practice. Deploy your own registry Clinical Gateway to:

  • Reduce dependence on third parties and minimize costs of running your registry
  • Collect and share data through secure, scalable, trusted connections
  • Employ real-time validation of data completeness and conformance
  • Make data more actionable and accessible to support timelier decision-making
  • Reduce the effort and data entry it takes to participate in Management Planning & Information System and other quality programs
  • Optimize practice management using real-time data collection and easy-to-use dashboards

Benefits for Providers

This solution enables efficient distribution of clinical information to payers and all members of a patient’s care team so your organization can:

  • Share timely clinical information with other providers, payers, and patients to close gaps in care

  • Transform fragmented or unstructured patient information into standard formats that increase the value of the data

  • Mine and deliver marketable data to payers, pharma, CMS, and other entities

  • Create in indexed repository of reusable data which can be leveraged by the app economy

  • Control data that comes into your organization’s patient records from other providers, organizations, and patients