MaxAlerts Event Notification


  • Improve care coordination and transitions of care by notifying patient care team members who help reduce the risks of readmission
  • Provide information used to improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Share information in a way that reduces alert fatigue and the burden of communicating with providers on a patient's care team
  • Meet CMS conditions of participation mandates for delivering admission, discharge, and transfer notifications
  • Track notification delivery status and generate audit reports
  • Streamline workflows and improve operations
  • Manage a contact list of digital endpoints for delivering notifications
  • Support provider subscriptions and preferences for notification delivery
  • Grow provider and referral network through enhanced communication
  • Rapidly implement a low cost/high return ADT notification solution using proven Direct exchange
  • Reduce the cost of secure data exchange by leveraging non-persistent connections

Meet CMS Rule Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notifications Requirements. MaxAlerts™ is an intelligent Event Notification Service leveraging customizable rule sets and real-time delivery of clinical data via the Direct Protocol. MaxMD has proven experience delivering sustainable event notification systems that enhance organizations' digital interoperability.

Each admission, discharge, or transfer event from a participating hospital or integrated delivery network, triggers delivery of an actionable alert which can be distributed to primary care provider or subscribing care team members to improve care coordination.

By leveraging non-persistent connections and a secure push modality MaxAlerts™ mimics many of the traditional functions of an HIE but without the overhead of building and maintaining one-to-one interfaces.

Real-time Delivery

The right information to the right location at the right time


Scalable downstream delivery to any DirectTrust participating organization

Flexible Rules-based Engine

Customizable notification routing rules based on event type and data elements

Subscription Management

Managed patient populations for optimized notification delivery

Data Translation Engine

Content delivery in the preferred format of the notification recipient