Primary Care and Community Based Organization

Is this you?

You're using ONC Certified EHR Technology but your EMR vendor wants to charge you for an interface to share patient healthcare information with another organization.

You'd like to know when your patients visit the ER or are admitted or discharged from the hospital.

You're moving away from fee for service toward value-based care, and you are looking for affordable technology that helps your organization gather and use information more effectively to improve outcomes. You need more information to help you manage risk and measure outcomes.

You’d like to coordinate care better for your patients, but communication by phone and fax with the entire care team is a burden.

You’re concerned about compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act and you’re not sure how you will address patient requests for access to or corrections of their healthcare records.

You’d prefer to communicate more directly with patients and share information at the right time to help them improve their health outcomes.

We can help!

MaxMD Direct Secure Messaging eliminates the need for multiple point-to-point VPN connections so that you can share information effortlessly and reduce cost.

MaxMD Clinical Information Exchange web app is a full-featured clinical message integration hub that converts incoming/outgoing information into the organization's preferred data format that is more valuable and useful.

The patient-facing MaxMD app enables patients to use Direct Secure Messaging. When your patients are using the MaxMD app, you have a secure bi-directional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared, such as pre-visit screening forms and customer experience surveys.

The MaxMD app augments your existing patient portal. It allows patients to access their health records more conveniently, receive reminders, and send messages so they can communicate in a way they prefer – via text messaging or mobile app - similar to what they already do in other consumer related activities.