MaxMD App


  • Modernize care workflows by leveraging secure mobile technology
  • Engage patients in their care to improve health outcomes and support population health programs
  • Augment portal strategies to make information sharing easier and more successful
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Reduce administrative communication costs

App Modules

  • Profile: Trusted identity built off of federated identity proofing requirements

  • Care Team & Organizations: Address book supporting App functions and contacts

  • Record Retrieval: API-based query of FHIR™ Resources and C-CDA Documents

  • Record Archive: Secure, auto-organizing collection of clinical data and documents

  • DirecText™: Bi-directional, communication across DirectTrust network to share messages and files

The MaxMD mobile app is a patient-facing application available for Android and iOS devices to maximize communication efficiency. It provides a personal user interface that creates a secure bidirectional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared between payers, providers, and patients. The MaxMD mobile app supports consumer-directed exchange with both query and push capabilities.

Combining FHIR™ and Direct exchange, the MaxMD mobile app gives patients unprecedented visibility and control for their health information. Sponsoring organizations such as health plans, integrated delivery networks, and accountable care organization can improve care coordination.

CMS Blue Button 2.0 Approved Vendor

Supports consumer access to Explanation of Benefits information from CMS and private payers. The MaxMD mobile app also is compliant with CARIN Consumer-Directed Payer Data Exchange V1.0.0

Compatible with Argonaut V1.0.0 Compliant EHRs

Enable consumers to query for their health records and key data using standard FHIR™ API access offered by modern EHRs

100% Interoperable with DirectTrust Network

Secure, certificate-based exchange of ePHI amongst identity-proofed individuals and professionals for scalable, bi-directional exchange

Custom white-labeling and API-based integration

Use your branding to promote your organization's identity and tailor the App's language to align with your service offerings and desired member experience

Benefits for Care Teams Members

Faster, easier communication with your patients to securely exchange clinical information needed for care and support.

Help your patients achieve better health outcomes and encourage healthy behaviors by sending reminders, alerts, and other information that increase patient compliance and reduce medical spending.

Decrease delays in care by speeding up administrative business process.

Minimize information exchange risks through a strong trust-in-identity policy infrastructure that eliminates cyber impersonation.

Connecting Care Teams and Patients

Improves a patient’s experience of care with access to real-time reminder of their gaps in care and current medication list in the palm of their hand during a visit.

Helps patients do a better job of giving their care team information providers need to take care of them.

Empowers patients to participate in their care coordination by engaging patients by sharing alerts, medication reminders, structured surveys, and educational instructions from trusted resources.

Secure two-way communication between providers and patients augments portal strategies and makes information sharing easier.

Benefits for Consumers

MaxMD is a CMS Blue Button 2.0 approved vendor enabling patients to query their Explanation of Benefits information.

You can push data and documents from supported patient portals and consolidate your clinical information from different systems and organizations in a single, consistent interface.

DirecText supports secure exchange of audio, photo, video attachments captured from your mobile phone, plus cloud-based files, and any data or documents from your Record Archive.

You retain the rights to and control of your clinical information.

MaxMD signed the CARIN Code of Conduct, a foundational set of principles for how health care organizations can share data with consumer applications.