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Is this you?

You’re in a crunch to lower the cost of care while improving care outcomes and patient experience.

You’re looking for ways to reduce administrative burden, but at the same time you need access to more information so you can better coordinate care and improve care delivery.

You’ve seen gaps in care increase Medicaid cost and decrease reimbursement due to non-compliance.

You’re already dealing with multiple platforms used by different care organizations and data silos that are hard to access and difficult to integrate.

You’ve recognized that achieving interoperable information is a daunting task impacting payers, providers, and patients.

You want a system that connects your organization with care team members with patients to make care delivery more efficient and more effective.

You’re wondering if there is a solution that will allow information to flow within the healthcare ecosystem and help incorporate social determinants of health in the coordination of care.

You need to meet new mandates to provide your members with access to their healthcare encounter information and clinical data.

We can help!

MaxMD Direct Secure Messaging eliminates the need for multiple point-to-point VPN connections so that you can share information effortlessly and reduce cost.

Clinical Gateway addresses the increased demand for timely access to relevant clinical data by leveraging established and emerging interoperability standards so that you have bi-directional exchange to maximize data liquidity, augment existing workflows, and enhance investments in existing technology infrastructure.

Clinical Information Exchange web app is a full-featured clinical message integration hub that converts outgoing and incoming information into the organization's preferred data format that is more valuable and useful. It supports subscription services, so you can empower support and services providers to respond automatically to notification subscriptions for your members. It provides a centralized dashboard to transparently view and efficiently control digital information exchange coming in and going out of any organization.

The patient-facing MaxMD app integrates with the Clinical Information Exchange web app to maximize communication efficiency with patients. It offers a secure bi-directional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared with patients, such as health records, consent forms, surveys, and assessments.with your patients.

The MaxMD app augments an existing patient portal. It allows patients to access their health records more conveniently, receive reminders, and send messages so they can communicate in a way they prefer – via text messaging or mobile app - similar to what they already do in other consumer related activities.