Is this you?

You're beginning to see how the 21st Century Cures Act will permanently change the way your organization shares information with its members.

You've seen similar standards-based regulatory requirements impact your business, like HIPAA and X12 and ICD-10.

You've recognized that compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act will require new strategies for working with third party apps used by your members.

You know that acquiring clinical data is costly and often results in unactionable information due to poor quality data.

You're concerned about the clinical data records your organization collects being stuck in silos, making it hard to access and difficult to reuse.

You're wondering how you can lower the acquisition cost of obtaining high-quality clinical data to empower the next generation of value-based care and reimbursement.

We can help!

The MaxMD app leverages a standard FHIR™ application interface (FHIR™ API) to allow your members to access their explanation of benefit and clinical information using their SMART phone. It offers a secure bi-directional communication channel for any type of information that needs to be shared with patients, such as health records, consent forms, surveys, and assessments.

The MaxMD app augments an existing member portal functionality. It allows patients to access their health records more conveniently, receive reminders, and send messages so they can communicate in a way they prefer – via text messaging or mobile app - similar to what they already do in other consumer related activities.

Third party app testing provides essential feedback from the perspective of the client application your members will be using to secure access to their information digital through your new FHIR™ API developed to meet the Cures Act mandates giving patients the right to access their health information.

MaxMD is the innovation partner you’re looking for to assist with this new way of sharing information digitally with your members.

Clinical Gateway is a cost-effective solution that leverages available standards to create interoperability between disparate system so that you can maximize data liquidity. The Clinical Gateway establishes an infrastructure that enables payers to implement timely, cost effective collection of clinical information and automated data remediation guarantees high quality, reusable information that supports multiple Payer use cases.